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Waking Up To A Mess Every Morning? How To Safely Keep Dogs Out Of Your Trash

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If you wake up each morning to trash scattered all over your yard, a dog may be the culprit. Follow the tips below to keep your yard clean. They work well, and they are safe for the dog.

Use a Barking Dog Alarm

Put a barking dog alarm behind the trash bins to scare the dog off. These alarms use radar and microwave technologies to send out radio waves. If these waves detect any kind of movement, the barking alarm will go off.

Either you can purchase plug in alarms, or if you do not have an electrical outlet outside close to the trash bins, you can purchase battery-controlled alarms. You can purchase these alarms at some home supply stores, online, or contact a security company who may have them.

Prevent Them From Blowing Down

If your trash bins blow down when it is windy outside, this makes it even easier for dogs to get into them. To keep this from happening, you can use bungee cords. Use the type of screws that will hold secure into the exterior walls of your home. For example, stainless steel screws hold well to vinyl, or concrete screws work well with brick. Screw in a D ring behind the trash bins. Wrap a bungee cord around the trash bin, and secure the ends of it to the D ring. When purchasing the screws and D ring, make sure they are resistant to rust.

Use A Spray

Visit your pet store and find a natural spray that contains cayenne pepper oil. Spray the oil on the ground around the trash bins, as well as on the side and top of the bins. When dogs step on the oil, it will not hurt them. They may get a little tingle on their paws. They will not like the smell either. You will have to do this each night, as the oil will lose its effectiveness throughout the day.

If you cannot find this spray, make it yourself. Fill up a spray bottle with water, add a few drop of the cayenne pepper oil to it, and shake. If it does not work, it may not be strong enough. Keep adding drops of the oil to it until it starts working.

Purchase large trash bins with secure lids so they would not open even if the dog pushed the trash bin over. Talk with your trash removal company like B-P Trucking Inc, who may be able to sell you these trash bins, or tell you where you can purchase them.