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Tips For Properly Loading Your Rented Roll-Off Dumpster

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While you may know that it is important to load a trailer correctly, you may not realize that there is also a right way and a wrong way to load a rented roll-off dumpster. You can get a lot more refuse in your roll-off dumpster if you load it properly, and you will also make hauling it off safer for your disposal company by keeping the dumpster's weight distributed evenly. To this end, follow these time-tested tips for properly loading your rented roll-off dumpster:

Tip: Load Flat Items First Into the Dumpster

Since the space in your dumpster is limited, you can help to maximize the number of items you can place into it by starting off with the flat items you want to trash. Place items like sheets of old plywood, sheetrock, or doors flat onto the bottom of the dumpster. If you simply toss these items in later as the dumpster starts to fill, then they will not lay flat, and you will create voids of wasted space within the dumpster. Flat items and those that are easily compacted, such as bags containing linens or paper, should be placed into the dumpster first before any bulky items.

Tip: Break Down Any Larger Items to Save Space

If you are disposing of large items such as old furniture, you should take the time to break it down into smaller pieces. Wood tables and chairs can be broken using a sledgehammer. Furniture items such as couches and broken recliner chairs can have their backs removed and should be placed into the dumpster in as many smaller pieces as possible. 

Tip: Load Your Roll-Off Dumpster Evenly from Front to Back

As you place items into your rented dumpster, make sure that you load the dumpster evenly from the front to back and from one side to the other. You can accomplish this by layering in your items and moving from the back to front of the dumpster as you do so. It is important to avoid tossing everything into one end of the dumpster first. This often leads to a situation where you have one end of the dumpster filled with heavy items and then the other end of the dumpster is filled with lighter trash. Dumpsters that are overfilled or those that are filled unevenly are a hazard for the waste management company to transport and dump into the landfill.

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