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Recycling The Scrap Gold In Old Computer Parts For Profit

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If you are considering recycling scrap gold, your first thought is probably to begin collecting all of the jewelry you can find. Buying up rings at yard sales, however, may not be your most lucrative option; there is a less well known source of gold inside the very device needed for you to read this article. Computers use gold as a conductor because of its high malleability and durability, meaning it is a valuable part of nearly every chip in use today. Read More»

Garbage Tips: Are You Throwing These 2 Health-Enhancing Things Away?

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You might not know that some of the things you throw away can be useful for you and your family’s health. The following guide should help you recognize some of the things that you can use. This should dramatically reduce the amount of waste that your home produces and help the environment. Rethink Throwing Away Your Eggshells Believe it or not, your bones and teeth are not permanently strong. Your bones and teeth need constant remineralization to stay strong and fend off bacterial attacks and age-related degeneration. Read More»

What Can You Do With Your Used Restaurant Oil?

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If you own or manage a fast food restaurant, disposing of your used cooking grease and cleaning the grease traps may be the bane of your existence. However, there are a few recycling options that could help make this process simpler while allowing this oil to be reused over and over again in other applications. Read on to learn more about some changes you can make to the grease disposal process. Read More»

Tips For Setting Up A Recycling System In Your Restaurant

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Your restaurant may seem to generate a lot of waste, but the good news is that most of it can be recycled and reused. This means you don’t have to overload the local landfill and you can make your restaurant greener. The following tips can help you implement a system: Back of House Compost Successfully: A lot of the waste coming out of a restaurant is food waste. Although many restaurants now donate edible food to shelters or livestock farmers, there is still an issue with truly spoiled food, vegetable scraps, and leftover food from customer plates. Read More»

Waking Up To A Mess Every Morning? How To Safely Keep Dogs Out Of Your Trash

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If you wake up each morning to trash scattered all over your yard, a dog may be the culprit. Follow the tips below to keep your yard clean. They work well, and they are safe for the dog. Use a Barking Dog Alarm Put a barking dog alarm behind the trash bins to scare the dog off. These alarms use radar and microwave technologies to send out radio waves. If these waves detect any kind of movement, the barking alarm will go off. Read More»

How To Create A Laptop Desk Pad With Old Shingles

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If you’re like most people, you want to do what you can to recycle as much as possible. There are many opportunities for recycling that you may not have considered, even when you have a home demolished. One thing you can do is use the old shingles that come off a roof to create a laptop pad for your home office desk. This guide explains the steps needed to create this unique office accessory. Read More»

Increase Your Payday With These Simple Scrap Metal Recycling Tips

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A quick trip to your local scrap yard can help you to get that bit of extra cash that you need to pay for an upcoming vacation or cover an unexpected bill. However, if you are not familiar with the process of recycling scrap metal, you could find that you are walking away with far less than your metal is truly worth. This is because scrapyards routinely pay more for certain types of metal. Read More»

Avoid Contamination And Maximize Your Profits - Items To Avoid Breaking Down Before Scrapping

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Gathering scrap metal and returning it for cash is an exciting hobby that has the added benefit of generating a profitable return. While many experienced scrappers know that their value is likely to increase when they break down products and turn in the component parts, it’s also important that you avoid breaking down some items which may be hazardous when disassembled. Below, you’ll find a guide to some items that you should always be sure to recycle whole. Read More»

Fixing Or Scrapping Computer Hard Drives

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For almost two decades, the personal computer industry has been pushing in new computer models while encouraging users to throw out or donate the old. With computers becoming faster and more affordable, you may be tempted to just kick your old computer to the curb. Before throwing it out, consider a few inspection points that can help you decide whether to keep the hard drive or tear it apart for scrap: Read More»